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To get better education ... we must develop our methods and techniques... Schoolizer helps you to enhance teaching quality.

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What is the benefit of Schoolizer?

Schoolizer saves money, time, effort and gives preference to parents and students by improving the way students learn and helping the teaching staff to manage their classes and creating scientific material ... It also enables administrators to monitor teachers` performance and discover weaknesses. More details


Main sections

Here showing features and sections of the Schoolizer

School admin

Shcool administrator can control all other departments and set permissions such as move students, monitor teachers, and view statistics


Teachers can manage classes assigned for them... they can create exams, homeworks and send them to their students and all other functions like review students` solve etc...


Students see in his class everything related to him... his grades, assigns, reviews and the medals he got


This department available only for Teachers and Admin memberships... where they can create exams and assign it to their students


This department available only for Teachers and Admin memberships... where they can create homeworks and assign it to their students


Statistics available only for Admin membership, allow admin to monitor teachers, students and rooms performance, helps admin to manage his facility


Here Admin can create new classes, add students to classes, and other functions help order students and set learning materials categories


This feature is very important, its allow parents to track their children`s study level and progress... where admin can send periodic reports parents


There is an internal messaging system that enables students, teachers and admin to communicate with each other easily with email alerts.


Each class has a weekly study schedule for the material will be studied, it guides teachers and students to know which material they have to prepare.

Packages prices

The packages have been carefully studied to cover all educational facilities according to size and activities


$0.00 /Monthly

This is FREE package and it will be always free

  • Features list
  • Limited to 1 class
  • Limited to 1 teacher
  • There is advertisements
Teacher Package

$9.99 /Monthly

This package is suitable for individual teachers

Institutes Package

$44.99 /Monthly

This package is suitable for medium-sized facilities

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